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"Pixami revolutionized our yearbook process. We were barely online and growing by small increments before Pixami, but when we switched, our world changed. Our business started increasing consistently and our customer support calls went way down. There are a lot of great platforms for yearbook layout available today, but only one software as reliable as Pixami."

General Manager, Strawbridge Studios, Inc.
Durham, NC

"Pixami Yearbook Pro has the features that our customers want, in a platform that's easy to manage and support. Pixami is our recommended solution for our yearbook customers!"

Advanced Photographic Solutions
Cleveland, TN

"Pixami has been a pleasure to work with, and always there when we need them, which isn't often! Our customers have been happy with all of the improvements over the past few years, and it's a breeze to train new users!"

Services & Yearbook Department Manager, Barksdale School Portraits
Aston, PA

"The reason I like Pixami so much is because I never have to call them! Our customers and staff love the software, and everything just always works the way it's supposed to."

Classic Photography & Imaging
Charlotte, NC


Yearbook Pro 2023 Sneak Peek
- with Face Matching!

Pixami Yearbook Pro is a powerful, reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use online yearbook software solution, with a short learning curve, and a wide range of features that make it a great choice for all ages.

For novice users, automated design wizards with built-in themes provide the ability to create professional-looking pages in a matter of minutes. More advanced users can create their own intricate page designs using a powerful set of layout and HTML5 editing tools, and a huge set of built-in templates and other design elements.

Yearbook Pro provides the right mix of functionality and content to ensure a fun, rewarding experience for everyone, and an awesome end result. Take the worry out of your yearbook season and come see why thousands of Elementary, Middle, and High Schools choose Pixami!


Yearbook Pro Feature Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Pixami's unique and powerful Yearbook Pro software.

Face Matching

Face-Matching is a game-changing technology introduced to the yearbook market by Pixami. This technology analyzes the faces in portrait photos to automatically tag all students in candid photos. This saves time, improves accuracy, provides more student equity in the book, and a lot more.

True Online Solution
with No Downloads.

Yearbook Pro is 100% web-based, using the latest HTML5 technology. Unlike other online yearbook software, it doesn't require any downloads or troublesome installations. And since the yearbook is created and stored in the cloud, users can access it any time, from any location!

Easy to Use, with Minimum Support Requirements.

A friendly, intuitive workflow makes Yearbook Pro easy to navigate, and tutorial videos are available on every page for a convenient, detailed reference. A short learning curve allows new users to master the software quickly. And because Yearbook Pro is easy to use, it's also easy to support!

Multi-Platform Support Includes Mac, PC, Tablets
and More.

Yearbook Pro runs on all major browsers on Windows and Mac, plus the Apple iOS, Android OS, and Google Chrome OS. The ability to run on most computers including Chromebook, plus devices like the iPad, provides important flexibility for schools and their students.

Comprehensive Set
of Advanced Design

Design Wizards provide great looking pages for users with limited time or experience. Users that want more flexibility can freely design pages using a comprehensive set of tools. From basic photo editing tools like Crop, Red-Eye Removal, and AutoFix, to advanced Filters and Effects, custom Color and Border controls, full Text editing, and advanced Layout features including Layering, Grid, and Alignment controls, Yearbook Pro has it all!

Extensive Set of Professionally Designed Content.

Yearbook Pro includes thousands of trendy page backgrounds, clip art and design objects, hundreds of page layouts and fonts, and a full set of book design themes. The content set covers a broad range of styles and ideas, appeals to students of all ages, and assures that the yearbook creation process is fun and relevant!

Advanced Collaboration and Online Approval.

Yearbook Pro has advanced collaboration functionality that allows multiple users to work on the yearbook simultaneously, and communicate with each other from different locations, with oversight and input from an adviser.

Reliable, High-Performance and Scalable Back-end.

Pixami's server infrastructure and 15 years experience hosting high-volume consumer photo sites assures high-performance, and first-rate security for your data, especially during the critical peak season. Pixami also has the ability to perform live software updates, to quickly resolve issues and add minor features and enhancements throughout the yearbook season.

Photo Post and
Facebook Connectivity.

Pixami's Photo Post, integrated into Yearbook Pro, allows invited members of the community to securely and privately submit photos for possible inclusion in the yearbook. Users can also connect and retrieve photos from Facebook.

Multiple Book Formats at Different Price Points.

Yearbook Pro allows schools to sell yearbooks in both hardcover and softcover formats at different price points. This enables the school to better meet the needs of every student, and potentially increase overall yearbook sales.

Advanced, Customizable
PDF Rendering.

Yearbook Pro automatically delivers high-resolution, RIP-ready PDF files for each finished book, rendered to the printer's specification, along with detailed PDF or XML order data, with no preflight required.

Yearbook Planning Ladder for Easy and Familiar Setup.

An online Yearbook Planning Ladder simplifies the setup process, and provides a familiar, flexible interface for creating, managing and viewing book sections.

School Storefront
Online e-Commerce
Ordering System.

Yearbooks can be sold online with a secure, full-featured, brandable e-commerce School Storefront. The Storefront also includes the ability to sell yearbook ads, yearbook supplement pages, graduation announcements, and other personalized photo products!

Flexibility in Branding
and Reskinning.

Yearbook Pro can be branded by Pixami customers, or even specifically for each school, with their logo and color preference. Customers can also brand the Pixami documentation and other sales and support materials!


Yearbook Pro User Interface

The Yearbook Pro User Interface provides easy access to all functionality,
with an uncomplicated workflow and a friendly, contemporary style.

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