Pixami YB Essentials.
Great Yearbook Design, Simplified.

Introducing the Newest Software from Pixami! An Easy to Learn,
Low-Cost Yearbook Design Option.

YB Essentials Introduction

Pixami's new YB Essentials software was designed to provide an easy-to-use, low-cost yearbook design option for smaller schools, smaller books and novice designers.

Based on Pixami's extremely popular Yearbook Pro software, YB Essentials has a simpler interface, with an even shorter learning curve. The software contains all the most common design tools, and a complete set of built-in template themes, allowing even the most inexperienced user to create beautifully designed pages.

YB Essentials is a great choice for anyone that wants a no-nonsense yearbook software solution with all the most widely used features. And the best part? YB Essentials users that want more advanced features can upgrade to Yearbook Pro, anytime!


YB Essentials Feature Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Pixami's new YB Essentials software.

Pixami's Easiest Software
to Learn and Use.

YB Essentials is easy to use, and tutorial videos are available on every page for a convenient, detailed reference. A short learning curve allows new users to master the software quickly. And because YB Essentials is easy to use, it is also easy to support!

Basic Yearbook Planning Ladder for Easy Book Setup.

A basic Yearbook Planning ladder simplifies the setup process and provides a familiar interface for creating and managing your book sections.

Great Set of
Popular Content!

YB Essentials includes a great selection of professionally designed template themes, fonts, clip art, and design objects, in a range of popular styles. Choose a theme and instantly build your book pages, then customize the design to your liking.

True Online Solution
with No Downloads.

YB Essentials is 100% web-based, using the latest HTML5 technology. It doesn't require any downloads or installations and runs on all of the most popular browsers and platforms. Even iPad and Chromebook!

Simple Collaboration
for Multiple Users.

YB Essentials supports multiple simultaneous users, who can work together from different locations to design their yearbook masterpiece!

School Storefront
e-Commerce System Included.

YB Essentials includes the use of Pixami's School Storefront
brandable e-Commerce store, allowing schools to sell yearbooks, yearbook ads and more!


How to Choose the Best Pixami
Yearbook Software for You!

Pixami offers two great yearbook design options! This comparison
highlights the differences between the two products.


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